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Transfer Agent Services

Annual Meeting and Proxy Services

We provide mailing services for Annual and Special meetings, proxy tabulation, and certification.  Our conference room is available for our client’s to hold their meetings.  Also, our staff is available to travel to your annual meeting and assist with proxy tabulation at the meeting.

CUSIP Services

We can assist you with a CUSIP number whether you are a new issue or processing a corporate action.

Dividend Disbursement

We provide stock or cash dividend services including preparing and filing Form 1099-Divs.

Escheatment Services

We provide shareholder searches and escheatment services for lost shareholders.

Escrow Services

We provide escrow services for our corporate clients as well as escrows between shareholders.


We are a participant in the Depository Trust Company’s FAST program.  The FAST program allows us to provide DWAC and DRS services to eligible issuers.  This eliminates the risk of lost certificates and courier fees by providing electronic transfers.


We have worked with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Corporation (FINRA) for many years to provide the necessary filing for our client’s corporate actions.

Lost Certificates

We can assist your shareholders with the lost certificates process and filing notices with the Securities Information Center (SIC).

Stock Splits

We can accommodate forward or reverse stock splits and round up shares.

Shareholder Records

As the transfer agent, we maintain the master security holder records.  This includes all original issuances, transfers, and updates.  We can issue physical certificates or book entry transactions.

Securities and Exchange Commission

We are a registered transfer agent with the Securities and Exchange Commission.